Conducting regular market research to analyze and track market trends for formulating new product development directions.

Continuous R&D investment on structure, material, process, aiming to accumulate technical reserves for realizing new functional products development.

Fusing requirement like skeleton, material, ergonomics and users’ experience etc., our industrial designers devote to design appealing and yet user friendly new products.

Mold Making

Using advanced CAD、CAM soft wares, we can handle the complex and high-precision design requirement.

With advanced CNC computer processing center and accurate mold making ability, KKP can achieve the design requirement perfectly.

The molds we produced include blowing molds, injection molds for jars, screw caps, flip-top caps, tube molds and special-designed closures, adopted the hot runner system.

Injection Molding

Our injection workshop is equipped with more than 100 pcs of high precision equipment, including single-injection, dual-injection, hydraulics and pure electric machines. In addition, by adopting a central materials pumping & delivery system, we can achieve both feeding automation and contamination reduction.

We are capable to process high-speed production automation using plastic materials with various characteristics, such as AS、PE、PP、ABS、PS、PET、PETG、PCTG、TRITAN、PMMA、SURLYN etc.

Blow Molding

Our blow molding workshop is equipped with more than 100 pcs of equipment, including single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer, injection-blow as well as injection-stretch-blow equipment. We are capable to produce plastic containers with capacity ranging from 3ml to 10L using plastic materials with various characteristics such as PE, PP, PETG, EVOH, PET etc.

GMP Workshop

Our pharmaceutical packaging workshop is constructed, managed and maintained according to GMP C level. This workshop has been certified for both pharmaceutical packaging registration certificate as well as ISO 15378 certificate.

Thus, we are qualified to provide packaging production services for customers from pharmaceutical, health supplements and cosmetics industries to comply with related law and regulation.


Our decoration workshop is equipped with more than 130 pcs of advanced equipment, we can provide silk-screen printing, hot stamping, thermal transfer, labeling, in-mold labeling, shrink wrapping, UV coating and vacuum metallization services for shaping precise brand image for each distinct customer.


We pursuit for customer satisfaction and adhere to the ISO9001 international quality management system as the core for manufacturing governance, starting from product design, development, incoming material verification, manufacturing, inspection, packaging to logistics, practicing standardized quality management throughout the whole process.

In order to meet and exceed customer expectation, in addition, we has also been certified for ISO15378 GMP for Pharmaceutical Packaging as well as BRC British Retailers Association Packaging Certification.


12,000 square meters of high-standard modernized warehousing and logistics yard, with full and optimal utilization of warehousing space by means of building up storage rack and appropriate usage of considerable bulk bin and other recycled packaging materials. Fully in house and air-conditioned storage environment. Efficiently operated ERP and bar code scanning systems can effectively prevent product mix-up. Full implementation of the Just-In-Time delivery system to create conditions and provide guarantees for customers’ inventory.

Our Way

Protecting the earth and preserving a sustainable environment for our future generations (short for “environmental protection”) should not be just a slogan. It must be a goal that every country, enterprise and person should undertake and spare no effort to achieve it. However, environmental protection is a broad concept. Different person and industry may have very different interpretation. In the plastic industry, there are many different methods (such as, recycling, modified materials, renewable materials) to achieve different levels of contribution (such as, self-degradation, reducing plastic waste, carbon emission and dependence on petroleum).

Our Way

As a socially responsible enterprise, KKP has been investing resources in environmental protection since 2010, exploring material, adjusting process and verifying product, with the purpose of proactively aligning upstream and downstream enterprises along the supply chain to cooperatively making contribution to environmental protection. Through continuous verification of various environmental-friendly materials, including PLA, bio-based PE, PCR-HDPE, PCR-PET, PCR-PP, KKP consolidates lesson learned and integrates a set of practical environmental protection solutions.

Our Way

Environmental protection strategy not only can comply with the laws and regulations of the target market, but also improve the corporate/brand image, reinforce differentiation to raise competitiveness and become the pioneer in the industry. KKP can assist customers in selecting the right environmental protection solution according to their environmental goals, product and market characteristics, cost considerations, appearance requirements, compatibility of contents, and performance lifespan.

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